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About AED

“A. E. Distribution” Sh.p.k, created in 04/24/2002, with court no. 27667 is a company with some years experience and a reputation and positive image in the environment and the area where it operates..

AED is partner of Albcontrol for several years, signing various contracts for supply, installation, maintenance and services.

Also AED has a great experience in the field of construction and energy.

AED is a company certified according to international standards ISO ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001:2011, ISO 27001:2013, ELOT EN ISO 39001:2012 and PASS 99:2012

AED is a company authorized by the Ministry of Finance , no. 85361/8

We aim to improve our image through our work and dedication to the activities that we undertake and to cooperate with reputable companies , improving the quality of work and services thatwe offer. We are an authorized company for the distribution of equipment fiscal , tax the systems of fuel and fuel storage systems in Albania .

Our achievements in the fiscal systems include:

  • First authorized company to comply with the fiscal legislation and to distribute electronic cash registers in Albania.
  • AED has achieved its first objective by reaching 60% of market share among other 4 authorized companies.
  • AED is the only company in Albania offering the fiscal system for Petrol Systems.
  • AED is the only company in Albania offering the fiscal system for Petrol Warehouses and our success is the first of this kind to make possible the controlling of the Digital Flow Meters and the online transmission at the General Tax Office.

Other projects currently AED offers include

  • Metering Applications
    • Electricity: Metering & Remote Control
    • GAS & LPG: Metering & LPG Tank
    • Water : Metering
    • VEPRO Security systems

Quality & Security Policy

Some of the objectives we are commited to:

  • Develop and implement measurable policies and processes while considering the protection of the organization’s information assets from all threats both internal and external
  •  Provide systems for protection against unauthorized access
  • The Management shall ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and regularly reviewed for continual suitability.
  •  Enabling our employees to focus on success and efficiency by supporting their development with trainings,
  • For more you can see in the document below


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