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A.E.DISTRIBUTION engaged in the business of Trade and distribution of electronics and electrical equipment & devices and after sales service. Implementation of energy and telecommunication projects and civil works design and execution, is committed to customer satisfaction, guiding principles of Responsible Care and continual improvement in its Integrated Management System and performance.

A.E.DISTRIBUTION overall aim is to:

  • Provide the best possible products and services;
  • Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and also to contribute to the evolution, efficacy and productivity of our clients
  • Use data to improve our products and services through better information. We will do this by providing quality services that are delivered on time, defect free and within budget;
  • Establish and maintain our position as a ‘trusted partner’ for potential clients and authorities who need access to A.E.DISTRIBUTION data;
  • Ensure all our products and services are conducted to the highest, appropriate ethical and technical standards;
  • Guarantee the highest level of quality, energy efficiency, through the continuous improvement of the processes and activities carried out in our organization

To achieve this, A.E.DISTRIBUTION is committed to:

  • A process approach to establish analytical systems across records.
  • Instil its Integrated Management System into A.E.DISTRIBUTION’s culture and daily practices as a long-term commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction
  • Ensure the understanding and complying with the relevant statutory, legal and regulatory requirements in operation within our working environment to which we subscribe
  • Conserve natural resources in particular energy, water, raw materials and promote the development of green surroundings
  • Incorporate suitable technologies & methods for quality improvement, energy efficiency and prevention of information security breaches
  • Anticipating future changes, assessing risks and taking measurements to Eliminate, Minimize or Control the information security risks
  • Ensure that risks to the organization are monitored and reviewed
  • Ensure that appropriate information security controls are in place
  • Ensuring availability of information and all necessary resources to achieve objectives & targets
  • Comply work procedures with self-discipline and hold everyone accountable for their responsibility
  • Promote usage of renewable energy, wherever feasible
  • Strengthen awareness, skills and competence of employees and contractors' workmen and also foster dialogue with vendors, customers and community
  • Periodically review the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of Integrated Management Systems

We shall communicate this policy to all personnel working with or on behalf of A.E.DISTRIBUTION and to interested parties on demand. The Integrated Management System is reviewed at management review meetings to ensure that it is still effective and applicable to the organization with a view to promoting continuous improvement.