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NESSO EJ fiscalcash machine between the technology and the price.

It refers to the attentive clients about the offers with low price.

  • alphanumeric LCD display for the customer and the operator incorporated in the equipment
  • customized keyboard, programmable by  the demand  function
  • Printer for thermal paper roller 58 mm wide that allows clear reading                                                                       
  • A serial port for GPRS modems, electronic scales, barcode readers
  • 30 programmable units
  • 1800 daily tax reports
  • Accounting movement: withdrawals, deposits, prepays and tax coupons for the tax bill                                                                                                                                   
  • Battery charging time 8 hours, stand by 40 hours, work regime around 1000 coupons

    The fiscal cash machine  is equipped with QSHKE system with 32 MB capacity.

A modern and likable design makes this fiscal cash machine the ideal choice when you do not have much space available, for small stores of clothing, jewelry, temporary trading points or touristic selling points. 

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