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Point  fiscalcash machine, simple and compact.

By respecting the technological development .

  • alphanumeric LCD display for the customer and the operator incorporated in the equipment
  • customized keyboard, programmable by  the demand  function
  • Printer for thermal paper roller 58 mm wide that allows clear reading
  • A serial port for GPRS modems, electronic scales, barcode readers
  • 30 programmable units
  • 1800daily tax reports
  • Accounting movement: withdrawals, deposits, prepays and tax coupons for the tax bill
  • Battery charging time 8 hours, stand by 40 hours, work regime around 1000 coupons
  • The fiscal cash machine  is equipped with QSHKE system with 32 MB capacity.

AED®point  fiscalcash machine enables you to perform all the sales process more simple and correctly. Moreover, through the serial gate it can be connected with the electronic scale of your shop or barcode reader, saving time for services.                                                                                                                      

AED®point  is an elegant fiscalcash machine , compact and very easy to use. With her qualities this fiscal cash machine is very suitable for small businesses.


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