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That is the most advanced service that is offered for the first time in Albania, through AED Company. Thanks to our commitment to be closer with our clients,  the necessity to grow up services and make the job easier, our company provides a new service.

Through the fiscal cash machine is now possible to make payments for additive products and services such as payments for telephone bill, water bill and electricity bill or to recharge the account of your cell phone, for social security payments or fine payments.

So , in this way through the fiscal cash machine each individual can be directed in our authorized points that also may be markets or particular shops to perform necessary actions, without having to stand in queue . They are about 27 thousand fiscal cash machines recorded by AED, in the entire country.  

It should be emphasized that the system offers a wide variety of services and provides security.

The factorial server enables the connection of all fiscal cash machines in one single group. The project has started in August of 2011 and the goal is to enable within the current year, the factorial service for about 2 thousand businesses, and within three years to 15 thousand businesses, AED's partners.

Every city has a regional office that enables the delivery of equipments and their connection with the factorial service. So, this entity, authorized by AED, will also be the distributor of this even more advanced service.

Fiscal device is connected with taxation, also with company's server in order to provide the available services, listed on the menu, which will be updated automatically. 

By reason of one part of the services, relates on bill payments then the fiscal cash machine will be connected with the banking system. Thus, it seems clear that with one small fiscal equipment, it becomes possible committing all these services.

The company guarantees the fact that the service is extremely easy to use and offer. AED itself, undertakes the training and the installation of the new service, by a qualified staff.

To understand more clearly, the equipment will have installed the service menu, which updates automatically, so it will also have the account state about any action performed with the Factorial service. Nothing is difficult, or complicated, because by clicking every action accomplishes.

So the company has invested AED in the simplification of operations, which are connected online with our server, so that our partners have the job easier for the sale of any product or service.


Offering additional Factorial services to partners who possess AED fiscal cash machines will bring additional advantages. For any sale made​​ , the holder of the right of Factorial service, which performs the operation with the fiscal cash machine will receive a special commission, depending by the service.

This service naturally increases the profits of those companies that will have the right of a new program. This right would not receive all, but will be distributed according to the clientele, area, etc.

Another advantage that makes possible the development of the private activity, partner with AED has to do with the fact that the Factorial services are well connected with neighboring countries, Italy, Kosovo, with which Albania exercises extensive commercial activity, and has close socio-economical relations. The interested parties who seek to make payments for various purposes with these countries, can realize them very well, such as payments of electricity bills, water bills, etc.


-Telephonic recharge
-International telephonic recharge
-Payment of bills: telephonic, water, energy, internet
-Payment of fees
-Life assurance
-Recharge of accounts for gambling
-Bingo 7


Online assistance for technical problems regarding the fiscal device