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It has been considered one of the luxury services in terms of current technological level that currently operates in Albania.

“Equimatic“offers the service of  subscription card for point sellers identified through an electronic card as for the simple subscribers that can be subscribed or receive this service according the demand in liters or ALL ,  whether  it is a monthly, weekly or daily limitation.  The card makes it possible to control the current amount of the deposit point and also the demand for  supply from the central deposit , as it realizes the connection with cameras of the sell points for monitoring the sales for each pump gun and the name of the sellers who have made ​​sales. So, it enables full transparency for the subject.        

 Back Office

  • All the daily data are transmitted in one server to the central offices.    
  • Back Office versionoffers the management service to all of points who have Front Office version.   
  • From the  Back Office we can change the fuel price in those points we want to, we can activate cards for clients , to control how the selling is going on in fuel stations.    
  • It is also offered the service Web Report for the stations where we control the sales, deposits quantity and the location of the fuel station.