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Aditional information

  ZIP fiscalcash machine can be adapted for all kinds of businesses.

  • Alphanumeric display outside client with metal support
  • External keyboard 30 or 64 buttons
  • 80 mm Thermal Printer with automatic cutter high-quality paper
  • 58 mm Thermal Printer, automatic paper cutter (Optional)
  • PC interface (RS232)
  • 8 programmable operators
  • 30 programmable units
  • 1000 up to 30000 programmable items
  • 1800daily tax reports
  • The fiscal cash machine  is equipped with QSHKE* system (Electronic Journal EJ) with 32MB capacity,  230000 coupons.

AED ® zip is a multifunction program thanks to its characteristics it can be adapted with all kinds of businesses. Moreover, it can be used as a fiscal printer when it connects with the PC where is installed a management accounting software or just to connect it with the keyboard. AED ® zip offers many possibilities according to the demand. It can be resolved between the 58 or 80 mm thermal paper rule, between the automatic or manual cutter , between the keyboard with 30 or 64 buttons and the client alphanumeric display. AED ® zip is a fiscal cash machine with perfect design that it doesn’t take much place and with characteristics that makes this fiscal cash machine suitable for big businesses.                                     

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